Students who drop their entire course load by definition withdraw from The University of Texas at Austin for the term. 

Graduate Student Services Email

To withdraw from the Graduate School, the student must file a Withdrawal and Refund Request form, which may be obtained by emailing Graduate Student Services at the link above or by contacting your program graduate coordinator. The form explains refund policies.

A student may withdraw through the last class day of the term, but academic appointments may not extend beyond the effective date of a student’s withdrawal.

All requests for withdrawal must be accompanied by an acknowledgment from the student’s graduate advisor and emailed to the same email address for processing.

Medical Withdrawals

Medical Withdrawals and Course Load Reductions

Medical withdrawals are initiated with University Health Services.

Students in Warning Status

Warning Status & Academic Dismissal

Students in a warning status because of failure to maintain a grade-point average of at least 3.0 may not withdraw without a petition from the graduate adviser and the approval of the graduate dean.

Students Receiving Financial Aid

Office of Financial Aid

Withdrawals for students receiving federal financial aid require the consent of the Office of Financial Aid.

International Students

International Office

Withdrawals for international students require the consent of the International Office.