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The Graduate School Organization

The Graduate School is comprised of a diverse group of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of the graduate community:

  • Dean of the Graduate School
  • Dean's executive staff (associate and assistant deans)
  • Dean's administrative staff
  • Student services administrative staff
  • IT development team

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  • Dean Maria Juenger

    Maria Juenger

    Interim Dean of the Graduate School
    Senior Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

    Dr. Juenger is the L.B. (Preach) Meaders Professor of Engineering in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering and was the Associate Dean for Graduate Education Transformation in the Graduate School from 2020 to 2022. She also served on the University’s Task Force for Graduate Education and as Chair of the Graduate Assembly. A UT faculty member since 2002, she has also served as Graduate Adviser, Graduate Studies Committee Chair, and Associate Chair in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering.

  • Marvin Hackert

    Marvin L. Hackert

    Senior Associate Dean, Fellowships and Graduate Affairs; William Shive Centennial Professor in Biochemistry

    Dean Hackert oversees applications for doctoral candidacy and related matters in Architecture, Business, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, Computational and Applied Mathematics, and Neuroscience.

    Other areas of focus: Student Fellowships, Professional Development Awards, Select Admission Program, Academic Program reviews, Postdoctoral Affairs, Graduate Student Housing, and Paisano Ranch and Fellows

  • Michelle Broadway

    Michelle Broadway

    Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies

    Dean Broadway oversees proposals for new or changed degree, certificate, and portfolio programs, Graduate School Catalog, classification of graduate students, publications & other communications and special projects.

  • Jim Cox

    James H. Cox

    Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Graduate Student Services; Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professor of English

    Dean Cox oversees applications for doctoral candidacy and related matters in Communication, Education, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Public Affairs, Social Work, and Library and Information Science as well as academic and registration policies and procedures.

  • Jake Wyatt headshot

    Jake Wyatt

    Chief Business Officer

    In his role as Chief Business Officer, Jake Wyatt oversees the business affairs team which includes human resources, budget & financial planning, and business office processing activities.

  • Nick Hundley

    Nick Hundley

    Director, Recruitment and External Relations

    In his role as director of recruitment and external affairs, Nick Hundley oversees communications and marketing for the Graduate School and graduate student recruitment at the university. He works with graduate programs across campus to identify strategies to identify and attract top students and communicate with key audiences to enhance graduate education at the university.

  • Shannon Neuse

    Shannon Neuse

    Director, Office of Graduate Admissions

    As director of the Office of Graduate Admissions, Shannon Neuse oversees the processing of over 30,000 graduate school applications annually. She provides guidance and training for graduate programs on the holistic application review process and helps to define the enrollment plan and goals in recruiting, admitting and enrolling domestic and international graduate students.

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