Housing & Transportation

Graduate students have several options for where to live while studying at UT. The resources below will help you find a place to call home—whether you want an apartment close to the university or a house with a yard for your family to enjoy. 

Beginning in July 2024, graduate students can also choose the East Campus Graduate Apartments for fully furnished apartments exclusively built for graduate students. 

Off-Campus Living Resources

Find information about housing in Austin, including the off-campus housing marketplace where you can explore housing options and find roommates.

University Apartments

The University Apartments are three distinct UT communities in the heart of Austin, where everyone is a Longhorn. The Brackenridge, Colorado and Gateway complexes are within 15 minutes from campus and along UT Shuttle or Cap Metro routes, making the commute easy.


Students, faculty and staff with valid UT IDs ride both Capital Metro and UT Shuttles for free.

Capital Metro

Capital Metro offers bus, shuttle and rail service to the greater Austin metropolitan area. Many students prefer not to bring a car to campus, but instead use Capital Metro or take advantage of the university’s central location by walking or bicycling.

UT Shuttles

The University of Texas at Austin is located in the heart of the city, so parking can be a challenge. Most parking lots are on the outskirts of campus, but UT Shuttles can get you to your campus destination with ease.

Parking Permits

If you plan on driving to campus, you will need to purchase a parking permit. There are also several specialized permit types to be aware of, including free bicycle permits.