Faculty Quick Reference Guide

Faculty at The University of Texas at Austin receive the support of the Graduate School in both their teaching and research. Look to these resources for assistance.

Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

The executive vice president and provost is the chief academic officer of the university.

Degrees and Programs

Explore graduate programs and review application deadlines, program contacts and links to more information.

Graduate Assembly

Legislative functions with respect to graduate programs are exercised through the Graduate Assembly, including Graduate curriculum updates.

Graduate Catalog

Graduate Curriculum Updates

The Graduate School accepts requests to update the Graduate Catalog annually.


Authorization to Teach Graduate Level Courses

The Graduate School has policies for who may be assigned to teach a graduate course.


Funding for Faculty

Funding Opportunities including travel grants, development awards, development leave, and more. Research Funding including research grants, the Robert W. Hamilton Book Awards Program and more.

Mentoring Fellowship

The Mentoring Fellowship program helps faculty members in recruiting outstanding new graduate students.

Graduate Programs

External Review Materials

This document includes an overview of graduate program reviews, instructions for preparing the self-study report, instructions for the external review team, accreditation information, a timeline, checklist and appendix.

External Review Schedule

This document provides the graduate program review schedule through Fall 2028.

Option III Guidelines

Review information about Option III (non-formula-funded) programs, including policies, administrative process guides and more.

Ph.D. Resources

Navigating the Ph.D. Program

Review information needed during the Ph.D. program including candidacy, milestones and oral examinations.

Report on Doctoral Dissertation (PDF)

All committee members must submit this dissertation report. These reports are essential in the event of disagreements about the student's dissertation or performance at the final oral defense.


Digital Submission Requirement

Graduating students earning either master’s or doctoral degrees are required to publish their thesis, report, dissertation or treatise digitally and in accordance with certain formatting rules.


Postdoctoral Resources

The Graduate School has compiled resources for postdoctoral students and the responsibilities of administrators.