International & Affiliated Studies

International Independent Study & Research (ISR)

ISR Registration

Graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin may register for International Independent Study and Research (ISR) if they are conducting research or studying independently abroad.

Study Abroad

The student must submit an application for ISR to study abroad and must complete all requirements for application in accordance with the following deadlines:

Fall – Aug. 1

Spring – Dec. 1

Summer – May 1

Enrollment requires the approval of the student’s faculty sponsor, the program graduate adviser and Study Abroad. The approval may cover up to four consecutive long-session semesters.

Full-Time Status

Students enrolled in Independent Study and Research are considered full-time students.

Continuous Registration Requirement

When it is determined that a doctoral candidate is eligible for International Independent Study and Research, their registration in ISR satisfies the continuous registration requirement for doctoral students in candidacy.

Students may not register for ISR during their final semester.

International Travel Policies

UT Austin believes that an international experience is essential to our academic mission. The Restricted Regions Travel Policy and the Student International Travel Policy were created in order to safeguard the well-being of students, faculty and staff going abroad.

Affiliated Studies

Study Abroad Programs

Students participating in study abroad programs offered by organizations and institutions with which the university has an affiliation agreement may register for Affiliated Studies.

General Information Catalog

Students enrolled in Affiliated Studies are considered full-time students. A fee—listed in the General Information Catalog—is assessed to students registering for Affiliated Studies.