Registration Procedures

Online Class Registration

Through the fourth class day of the fall or spring term, or the second class day of summer terms, graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin register online.

Course Schedules

Information about advising requirements, Registration Information Sheets (RIS), registration access periods, late registration, add/drop procedures and billing schedules is available in the Course Schedule for the appropriate session.

Changing Majors

Change of Graduate Major Process

Students with questions about changing to another graduate major must follow major-change application procedures established by the Graduate and International Admissions Center.

Additional Information

Additional information about program descriptions and requirements is available from the graduate adviser and graduate coordinator of each program.

Graduate Catalog

A comprehensive overview of admission requirements, degree requirements and fields of study is provided in the Graduate Catalog.

General Information Catalog

General information about the university and university policies are provided in the General Information Catalog.