Academic Employment

Academic employment can provide important experience for graduate students. Although duties and responsibilities vary by department and supervisor, all students benefit from training, interaction with faculty members and financial support (including pay and other benefits).

Resources for Academic Employees

Training for Student Employees

When you are employed in an academic position at the university, you should be aware of training and other resources that will help prepare you for your role.

Student Employee Compensation

Visit the Human Resources website for more information on compensation for graduate student employees.


In addition to compensation, graduate student employees may be entitled to receive insurance and other benefits. Consult the UT Human Resources website for information on benefits eligibility for different types of student employment.

Tuition & Costs

Graduate student employees may also receive financial support in regards to their tuition. Consult the UT Admissions website for information about tuition and the cost of attendance.

Resident Tuition Entitlement

Non-resident students who are employed at least half-time as a teaching assistant, assistant instructor, graduate research assistant, academic assistant, assistant or tutor are eligible to receive a waiver of the non-resident portion of their tuition and will be charged in-state tuition. This provision is known as the Resident Tuition Entitlement.

Tuition Reduction Benefit

Students employed as teaching assistants, assistant instructors and graduate research assistants are eligible for the Tuition Reduction Benefit.

Tuition Bill Help Guide

For more information about understanding your tuition bill, review our tuition bill help guide.

99 Hour Rule

Students may be appointed to an academic position while pursuing a graduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin, and are subject to the 99-Hour Rule.

Campus Jobs Listserv

Students looking for academic employment should subscribe to the Graduate Student Campus Jobs Listserv.

Academic Employment Policies

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants are graduate students who help faculty with the conduct and delivery of courses.

Assistant Instructors

Assistant instructors teach undergraduate classes and provide instruction under the supervision of a university faculty member.

Graduate Research Assistants

Graduate research assistants perform faculty-supervised research related to their field of study.

Academic Assistants, Assistants & Tutors

Academic assistants, assistants and tutors are assigned duties ranging from evaluation of student work to preparation of class and lab materials.

Grievance Policies and Procedures

Sex Discrimination & Sexual Harassment

In accordance with federal and state law, the university prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual harassment, and encourages students, faculty, staff and visitors to promptly report sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

Teaching Assistant & Assistant Instructor Grievance Procedures

A teaching assistant or assistant instructor has the right to seek redress of any grievance related to the terms and conditions of his or her employment.