Non-Academic Employment

Pursuing a graduate degree while otherwise employed can be very challenging since graduate study requires significant commitment in time and energy. A graduate student should consider carefully their work/study balance when selecting hours of enrollment and hours of employment.

A general guide to striking such a balance is that the number of hours worked per week plus three times the number of semester credit hours of graduate enrollment should not exceed 57.

Regardless, it is important that a graduate student consult with both their academic advisor and work supervisor when determining the balance between graduate study and employment.

Non-Academic Employment Resources

Employment in a non-academic role at the university—or in the community—is an option for many graduate students. The University of Texas at Austin offers resources to help you find jobs:

Additional Resources

You might also peruse your program’s webpage, as links to student employment opportunities are often provided there.

20/30 Hour Limit

Employment at the university, academic or non-academic, must conform to the 20/30 hour limit.

Human Resources

Human Resources provides additional information about eligibility, requirements and benefits for students employed in non-academic positions.