Training for Student Employees

Grad student teaching a course

When you are employed in an academic position at the university, you should be aware of training and other resources that will help prepare you for your role.

New Student Employee Checklist

There are several steps you need to take as you begin working as a student employee.

Student Employment Questions and Answers

Find answers to frequently asked questions about academic and non-academic employment at the university.

Student Employee Excellence Development (S.E.E.D.) Program

The Student Employee Excellence Development (SEED) program can help provide you with opportunities to enhance your skill set, knowledge base and leadership potential so you can excel in the student workforce and in your future career.

Introduction for Teaching Assistants & Assistant Instructors

As a teaching assistant (TA) or assistant instructor (AI), your work impacts the lives of undergraduates and their learning. The work you will do in your role is essential to the university’s mission.

TA and AI duties range from grading, leading review sessions, and hosting office hours to leading field trips, writing exams, and generating course materials. Because responsibilities range so widely, you should arrange to meet with your supervisor as soon as you receive your assignment. This meeting will provide an opportunity for you to find out what is expected of you. Ask for a job description. Having a clearly articulated job description can help you avoid possible conflicts or misunderstandings with your supervisor. It also provides a tool for self-assessment at the end of the semester, or you may use it to ask your professor to provide feedback in each of the relevant categories.

Job-Related Resources

Graduate Student Development Program

The Graduate Student Development program offers programs and workshops on teaching for graduate student instructors.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning can assist you in developing and organizing websites or in learning about online teaching strategies to build learning communities.

Employee Assistance Program

If you encounter departmental conflicts that you can't resolve, you may want to consult the Employee Assistance Program. 

UT Counseling & Mental Health Center

Confronted by a student whose problems seem insurmountable? Consult the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center for advice.

Compliance & Other Training

Compliance Training System

The university requires that you complete compliance training modules related to your employment, accessible via the Compliance Training System.

Training for Laboratory Employees

Read about safety training for laboratory employees.

Campus Safety & Security (Video)

Learn details about campus safety measures developed by the Office of Campus Safety and Security. 

International Teaching Assistant English Certification

Get details about the English-language certification program that assists TAs and AIs whose first language is not English and who will hold positions with student contact.