Late Registration

Students should register and complete their registration at their earliest opportunity. Those who register late must pay a processing fee to do so. Information about registration periods, including late registration, can be found in the Course Schedule under Registration and Payment Deadlines. Registration is not complete unless a student pays tuition and fees and confirms attendance by the payment deadline

Students may register online during the first through fourth class days (1st & 2nd days in summer). Students must register in the department offering the course during the fifth through twelfth class days (3rd & 4th days in summer). Registration after the 12th class day (or fourth class day in summer) is permitted only in rare and unusual circumstances. To request registration after the 12th class day, submit a petition letter from the Graduate Adviser along with the completed Request for Late Registration of Graduate Students form by email to the Graduate School at A late fee of $25 is assessed for registration through the fourth class day of a long session (or the second class day of a summer session), $50 for registration from the fifth through the 12th class day of a long session (or third and fourth class days of a summer session), and $200 for registration after the 12th class day of a long semester (or fourth class day of a summer session). 

Students must pay their fee bills by 5 p.m. on the day their late registration is processed or their registration will be canceled. Students who receive financial aid or who have a “zero amount due” must complete their registration online or by submitting the fee bill showing a “zero amount due” to the Cashier’s Office by 5 p.m. on the day their late registration is processed. Failure to complete registration will result in cancellation.