Transfer Credit

A master’s student seeking to use coursework completed at another institution must provide the Graduate Studies Committee with:

an official transcript;

the official explanation of the institution’s course numbering system and grading system; and

the course description from the catalog of the institution.

Petition to Transfer a Graduate Course From Another Institution form

Along with these documents, the Petition to Transfer a Graduate Course From Another Institution form should be submitted by the graduate adviser for approval by the graduate dean. This form must be submitted before 12 hours of graduate coursework are completed at UT Austin.

Transfer Credit Criteria

A maximum of six credit hours of work from other institutions may be approved for use on the program of work.

The grade must be either A or B.

The course must be graduate level.

Courses may not have been used toward another degree.

Coursework earned on the quarter system is normally calculated at two-thirds of the credit for courses offered during a term. Thus, a three credit-hour course taken on the quarter system may be transferred as no more than two credit hours.

Coursework taken abroad or on other credit-hour systems will be recalculated for term credit and the amount of credit approved will be determined by an evaluation of the content of the course as compared to an equivalent UT Austin course.

If approved for use on the program of work, the course must be used within the six-year time limit. Courses older than six years may not be transferred.

The course may not be taken at another institution during the term of intended graduation at UT Austin, because the grades may not be received in time to certify the student’s program of work.

Contact Degree Evaluators

Petitions and supporting documents may be sent to degree evaluators in the Graduate School at the linked email address above. Notification of the Dean of Graduate Studies’ decision will be sent to the graduate adviser of the student’s program.

Grade-Point Average Calculation

All approved courses that appear on the UT Austin transcript with a UT Austin course number are included in the overall university grade-point average.

Affiliated Studies

Examples of this type of transfer of credit include Affiliated Studies courses.

Transfer courses from other institutions listed on the program of work may be used to justify the grade-point average for the major area or for the supporting work. Other institutions’ courses, however, are not included in the overall university GPA.