Authorization to Teach a Graduate Level Class

The Handbook of Operating Procedures (9-1240) states that a person who is not a member of a graduate studies committee may be assigned to teach a graduate course ONLY upon recommendation of a Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) and with the approval of the Graduate Dean.

[Note: As long as a person is a member of any GSC, approval is not required. The person need not be a member of the GSC in the area in which the course is being given.]

In addition, Graduate School policy states that no person who is a student at this or any other university may teach a graduate course.

Please note that the approval required by the Office of the Provost on the Prior Approval Request (PAR) does not constitute approval of the Dean of the Graduate School to teach graduate courses.

The graduate dean's approval for a non-GSC faculty member to teach a graduate course must be requested prior to designating the faculty member as the instructor of record. This applies to instructor designations made through the NRCRSE and FaSET systems as well as those requested on the form, Request for Change in Course Schedule.

Request for Authorization to Teach Graduate Level Course form

To request authorization for non-GSC faculty members or to add additional course abbreviation authorizations, please submit a Request for Authorization to Teach Graduate Level Course form and curriculum vitae for the proposed instructor to the Graduate School, Mail Code G0400.

The PDF form can be completed online and then printed.