Digital Submission Requirement

Graduating students are required to publish their thesis, report, dissertation or treatise digitally by uploading a single PDF to the Texas Digital Library (TDL). Because electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) must be published, if any material contained in your document might require permission from another party for publication, all such permissions must be obtained prior to the submission of the ETD. Technical support is available. Click here to begin your submission.

It is critical that your submission be complete and correct. After submission, no revisions or corrections will be allowed except for those required by the graduate dean.

To further promote and preserve the intellectual contributions of its degree recipients, UT Austin is partnering with ProQuest to disseminate its master’s theses/reports and doctoral dissertations through the ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Global (PQDT) database, which reaches thousands of institutions and millions of academic researchers worldwide. ProQuest also partners with major search and discipline-specific indexes for additional amplification and provides all of these services free of charge. By distributing your work with ProQuest, you will increase its visibility and impact within the global research community. ProQuest recognizes the critical importance of embargoes and will never publish a thesis until it has been released for dissemination by UT Austin. Further information can be found at If you prefer not to have the full-text version of your thesis disseminated by ProQuest, please contact


The Graduate School offers Microsoft Word templates to assist you in formatting your thesis or dissertation. Before using a template, review the Using the Thesis and Dissertation Templates user guide. Another option, approved by the Graduate School, is LaTex Document Preparation.

Theses, reports, dissertations, and treatises must follow the guidelines of the Graduate School booklet Format Guidelines for Dissertations, Treatises, Theses, and Reports. A format check is recommended before you submit your completed work. If the format has not been checked prior to submission, it will be checked at the time of submission. 

Those who wish to write a thesis, report, dissertation or treatise in a language other than English must petition to do so.


The University has acquired access to iThenticate by Turnitin that allows you to check your report, thesis, or dissertation to help identify potential textual similarities between your document and other previously published documents. The Graduate School strongly encourages the use of this tool while preparing drafts of your report, thesis or dissertation, along with discussion of the results of these reviews with your supervisor. You can find information about using this tool at . 

Requests to Delay Publication

If you wish to request a temporary delay of publication of your thesis, report, dissertation, or treatise, you must make this request before graduation. The request should be made by using this form. If no request to delay publication is made, the document will be freely available through the World Wide Web. Note that it is not appropriate to use a delay of publication to avoid securing copyright permissions required for publication. Any required publication permissions must be obtained prior to submitting the ETD. The graduate dean makes the final decision regarding delayed publication.

Restrictions and/or holds on publishing requested from ProQuest do not apply to the dissertation archived at the TDL.

Authors who already have an approved delay of publication, but wish to extend the time of the delay, may request an extension (up to seven years from the date of graduation).

Authors who have an approved delay of publication, but wish to publish their ETD prior to the date initially requested, may request to end the delay of publication.