Grades & Credit

Only courses in which a student earns a grade of C or better may be included in the program of work for a graduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin.

GPA Requirement

To graduate, all students must have a graduate grade-point (GPA) average of at least 3.00. (An individual Graduate Studies Committee may set GPA requirements of 3.00 or higher for all or a portion of their students’ coursework.) The GPA includes all graduate courses and upper-division undergraduate courses in which the student earns a letter grade while he or she is enrolled in the Graduate School.

Undergraduate courses taken through the university’s Extended Campus; courses for which the symbol Q, W, X, I, CR or NC is recorded; graduate or undergraduate courses the student took at the university before enrolling in the Graduate School; credit earned by examination; and courses taken at other institutions are excluded. The graduate GPA also excludes grades in any undergraduate courses the student took from fall 1999 through summer 2008. Upper-division undergraduate courses he or she took as a graduate student before fall 1999 and after summer 2008 are included.

Credit/No Credit

Courses taken on a Credit/No Credit basis are not computed in the GPA. At most, 20 percent of the hours on the master’s Program of Work may have been taken on the Credit/No Credit basis, and no more than a comparable portion of the Program of Work for a doctoral degree. The 20 percent Credit/No Credit limitation does not include dissertation, treatise, thesis, report or master’s recital courses.

A student who wishes to take a course or courses for Credit/No Credit may elect this option at the time of registration. Between the first and fourth class day in a long term, or the first and second day in a summer term, students may change the grade status of a course online. Between the fifth and 12th class day in a long term, or the third and fourth day in a summer term, students may change the grade status of a course in the department offering the course. Changes in grade status between the 13th class day and the published deadline in a long term, or the fifth day and the published deadline in a summer term, require a completed Graduate Add/Drop form signed by the graduate adviser and submitted to Changes in grade status after the published deadline in long and summer terms require a completed Graduate Add/Drop form and a petition letter from the graduate adviser.

Coursework requirements and methods of evaluation must be the same for students registered on the Credit/No Credit basis as for those registered on the letter-grade basis. Performance at the level of C or above for both undergraduate and graduate courses taken on the Credit/No Credit basis is required to earn credit.

The previously used symbol, "*", which denotes “in progress” is no longer a valid grade symbol for thesis, report, recital, treatise, and dissertation courses. These courses are evaluated and graded each semester by the student’s supervisor and assigned a grade of “CR” or “NC”. A “CR” is appropriate if the student made satisfactory progress during the semester, and an “NC” is appropriate if the student did not make satisfactory progress during the semester.

Incomplete Grades

If a student does not complete all the assignments in a course before the end of the course, the instructor may report work incomplete (X) to the Office of the Registrar in place of a grade. 

The student must then complete the course requirements by the last class day in his or her next long-session semester of enrollment. The instructor must report a final grade by the end of the grade-reporting period in that semester. If these deadlines are not met, the X is converted to an I—permanent incomplete. If the student is not enrolled during a long-session semester for 24 months following the end of the semester in which the X is reported and the instructor does not report a final grade, then the symbol X is converted to the symbol I. 

The symbol I cannot be converted to a grade. When the symbol I is recorded, the symbol X also remains on the student’s record.

The period for completion of course requirements may be extended only under unusual circumstances beyond the student’s control and only upon the recommendation of the instructor and the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Requests for an extension of X must be made to the Dean of Graduate Studies through submission by the instructor of record of a completed Update to Student Academic Record form. This request must provide reasons the student was unable to complete the coursework by the last class day in his or her next long-session semester of enrollment after receiving the X.

Grade Reports

Timely submission of grade reports to the registrar each semester is the responsibility of individual faculty members.  Faculty must meet grade report deadlines and should avoid assigning incomplete grades unnecessarily.

Grade Changes

After a grade is reported to the registrar, it may not be changed unless an error was made by the instructor. All requests for change of grade should be submitted to the Graduate School on the Update of Student Academic Record form accompanied by an explanation of the nature of the error. Approval by the graduate dean is required before the change can be sent to the registrar to be recorded. The student’s scholastic status is not changed until the next official grade-reporting period in which the student is enrolled at the university.