Graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin have the right to seek redress of any grievance related to academic or nonacademic matters.

Every effort should be made to resolve grievances informally between the student and the faculty member involved or with the assistance of the graduate adviser, Graduate Studies Committee chair or department chair. If the grievance cannot be resolved informally, students have recourse to formal grievance procedures.

Academic Grievances

To begin the formal academic grievance process, a graduate student may file a written grievance with the Graduate School. Academic issues that have been addressed through the formal grievance process include, but are not limited to:

  • Program termination
  • Changes in supervising committee membership
  • Adherence to program degree requirements

Students filing grievances are protected from program recrimination. Due process in the conduct of a formal grievance may require an extended review period.

Handbook of Operating Procedures

The formal grievance process is outlined in the Handbook of Operating Procedures above.

Grade Disputes

Grade disputes are to be filed with the department offering the course in question, and the dean of the college or school offering the course makes the final decision on an appeal of the departmental ruling.

Nonacademic Grievances

Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

For nonacademic issues that deal primarily with misconduct, contact the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity in the Office of the Dean of Students. Student Conduct is responsible for investigating alleged violations of institutional rules and for implementing the discipline process.

Employment Grievances

Handbook of Operating Procedures

Employment grievances for teaching assistants and assistant instructors are outlined in the Handbook of Operating Procedures. There is also a process for handling employment disputes involving graduate research assistants.

There is no formal grievance process for other academic and non-academic positions.

Students in those positions should try to resolve any employment issues within their department, first with their supervisor and then with their department director or chair, vice president or dean as appropriate.

Other Disputes

Office of the Dean of Students

Grievances concerning any form of discrimination are to be filed with the Office of the Dean of Students.

Office of Student Ombuds

The mission of the Office of Student Ombuds (OSO) is to provide a neutral, impartial, and confidential environment for students to voice concerns related to life at The University of Texas at Austin and to provide information and assistance to students who have University-related questions or complaints. The OSO functions in an independent and informal manner to help students discover pathways and options for effective problem solving and conflict resolution. The OSO also identifies and provides recommendations to the University regarding systemic issues.