Continuous Registration

All graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin are expected to enroll and pay tuition and fees by the 12th class day of the fall and spring semesters (long sessions) of each academic year until graduation. 

If the student has been admitted to candidacy for a doctoral degree, registration in the dissertation course, the equivalent, or International Independent Study and Research is required. The _99W course must be registered for continuously during the spring and fall semesters until the degree is completed. 

Students must register for at least six hours of dissertation before graduating. These courses are evaluated and graded each semester by the student's supervisor and assigned a grade of Credit or No Credit.

To assist doctoral candidates in meeting the continuous registration requirement, the Graduate School will automatically register eligible students for the spring and fall semesters. (Students who have financial or nonfinancial bars excepted.) Doctoral candidates who wish to be enrolled during a summer session may register online.

Leaves of Absence

The only alternative to continuous registration is a leave of absence.


If the student fails to register and has not been granted a leave of absence by the 12th class day, the student must apply to be readmitted to the graduate program and pay a readmission application fee of $50. The application for readmission will be reviewed by the program’s Graduate Studies Committee, which may choose to readmit or deny readmission. 

Readmission applications for students who left the university on warning or dismissal status or who have a Graduate School bar also require the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.