Graduate Readmission

Following a break in enrollment of one long semester or more, graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin must apply for readmission.

Complete the Online Application

Application for Readmission to Graduate Study

Applicants for readmission to a graduate program should complete the online Application for Readmission to Graduate Study (UT EID and password required).

Notice for Students Who Withdrew for Pregnancy or Parenting Reasons

Students who leave the university for pregnancy or parenting reasons are not required to complete the Application for Admission or a Readmission Application and are not required to pay a fee. Please visit the Title IX Office website and complete the Intent to Reenroll form.

Pay the Application Fee

What I Owe

Pay your non-refundable $65 application fee via What I Owe (MasterCard, Discover and electronic checks accepted).

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence Guidelines

If you were granted a leave of absence prior to your departure, the application fee will be waived automatically. Review guidelines at the link above.


Students applying for readmission are notified of the graduate program’s decision to admit or deny by letter. The graduate adviser may place conditions on the readmission, and is responsible for notifying the student of the conditions.

Students who left while subject to a warning must have the approval of the graduate dean to return.

Continuous Registration

Doctoral candidates who fail to register continuously and who have not been granted a leave of absence must be readmitted to candidacy as well as to the graduate program. The Graduate Studies Committee and the graduate dean must approve readmission to candidacy and may impose additional coursework.