Advisers & Coordinators

Graduate advisers and coordinators are vital to the success of graduate students enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin. The Graduate School provides information and resources you need to support your students throughout their academic careers.

Graduate Coordinator Network

The Graduate Coordinator Network is a nonprofit, voluntary, professional association of graduate coordinators representing graduate students in a range of programs.

Milestones Information

Students seeking a Ph.D. at UT System institutions sign, with their departments, agreements providing the expected timelines for the attainment of their academic milestones and graduation.

Select Admission Program

The Select Admission Program relies on nominations to encourage undergraduate students with top academic records to remain at the university for a graduate degree.

2017 Report on Graduate Education

Report by the THECB on managing the expansion of graduate education.

Recruitment Tools & Information

Application Instructions

Preview information for students interested in applying to the Graduate School.

Admissions & Enrollment Statistics

Read reports detailing admissions and enrollment facts.

Conditional Admissions Petitions

Information on how to request removal of conditions set to admission.

Graduate Admission Offer Letters

Review the guidelines and the offer letter template to promote and support their consistent implementation across graduate programs, colleges and schools.

Course & Catalog Information

Academic Calendar

Find key dates related to academics.

Graduate Calendar

Review key dates for students in master’s and doctoral programs.

General Information Catalog

Get general information about the university and rules that affect all students.

Course Schedules

Read schedules of detailing course offerings, dates and times.

Graduate Catalog

Review degree requirements, rules that affect graduate students, descriptions of graduate courses and more.

Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP)

Access the university's governing policies.

Updates to the Graduate Catalog

Changes to policies described in the Graduate Catalog may require the approval of the Graduate Dean, Graduate Assembly, Provost and/or President of the University, UT System, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).