Change of Graduate Major

Graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin who wish to change majors must apply to do so.

(Interested in law school? That’s a separate application process.)

Complete the Application

To request a change of major, print and complete the Application for Admission to Another Graduate Major.

Completed applications should be mailed to the Graduate and International Admissions Center.

Pay the Application Fee

Students petitioning to transfer from a program in the Graduate School to one in the Graduate School of Business (or vice versa) must pay the regular application fee.

If you are changing majors within the Graduate School or within the Graduate School of Business and have not been enrolled in that school for one long semester or more, a readmission application fee of $65 is required.

An application fee is not required for currently enrolled students changing majors within the school where they are currently enrolled (the Graduate School or the Graduate School of Business).

Submit Official Transcripts

Complete the Transcript Request Form provided with the application and submit it, along with a $20 fee, to the university’s Office of the Registrar. You do not need to furnish transcripts from other institutions if the work has already been posted to your permanent university record unless you entered the university prior to 1974. If, however, you have attended another senior college or university since you were last enrolled at the university, you must provide an official transcript for evaluation in addition to the transcripts on file.

Transcripts should be uploaded via the Document Upload System. Complete guidelines for uploading transcripts are available in Instructions for Uploading Transcripts, a downloadable guide.

Submit Test Scores

Consult the graduate program to which you are applying to see if there are any departmental test score requirements you must meet.

Complete Departmental Requirements

All programs have additional requirements that you must complete before they will consider your application for change of major. Check with the program you are applying to for instructions on submitting additional supporting documents.

Most will allow you to upload additional required materials via MyStatus.