Graduate Assembly Members

The 2023 - 2024 Graduate Assembly consists of 35 elected members, 6 student members, 20 ex-officio members and 13 agenda meeting representatives.

Elected Members (Faculty)

Amelia Acker, Information

Mary Bock, Journalism & Media

Anthony Brown, Curriculum and Instruction

Michael Butterworth, Communication Studies

Kate Catterall, Design

Fiona Conway, Social Work

Penelope Davies, Art & Art History

John Diegh, Law

Anthony Dudo, Advertising and Public Relations

Chadi El Mohtar, Civil Engineering

Walt Fast, Pharmacy

Seth Garfield, History

Scott Graham, Rhetoric and Writing

Maria Gualdani, Mathematics

Joe Hahn, Associate Dean for MBA Programs

Lea Hildebrandt-Ruiz, Chemical Engineering

Sirkka Jarvenpaa, Information, Risk and Operations Management

Christopher Jolly, Nutritional Science

Kerry Kinney, Civil Engineering

Naomi Lindstrom, Latin American Studies

John Luk, Dell Medical

Allen MacDuffie, English

Mia Markey, Biomedical Engineering

Martha Menchaca, Anthropology

Todd Olmstead, Public Policy, Public Affairs

Paola Passalacqua, Civil Engineering

Francisco Polidoro, Management

Manuel Rausch, Aerospace Engineering

Hyekyun Rhee, Nursing

Tim Shanahan, Geological Sciences

Audrey Stone, Kinesiology and Health Education

Jessica Toste, Special Education

Lauren Webb, Chemistry

Bruce Wells, Middle Eastern Studies

Yan Jessie Zhang, Molecular Biosciences

Student Members

Meg Donahue, Neuroscience

Sophia Epstein, Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

Aasim Hussain, Biomedical Engineering

Jiaying Liu, Information Studies

Dana Sheinhaus, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Zach Young, Theatre

GCN Representative

Katie Traughber Dahm, GCN Rep

Ex-Officio Member (Voting)

Jen Moon, Chair, Faculty Council, Biology

Ex-Officio Member (Non-Voting)

Roger T. Bonnecaze, Dean, Cockrell School of Engineering

Robert Chesney, Dean, School of Law

Allen Cole, Dean, Steve Hicks School of Social Work

JR DeShazo, Dean, LBJ School of Public Affairs

Justin Dyer, Executive Director, Civic Leadership

Jay Hartzell, President

Eun-Ok Im, Dean, School of Nursing

Maria Juenger, Interim Dean, The Graduate School

Claudia F. Lucchinetti, Dean, Dell Medical School

Charles Martinez, Jr., Dean, College of Education

Rachel Davis Mersey, Interim Dean, Moody College of Communication

Eric Meyer, Dean, School of Information

Lillian Mills, Dean, McCombs School of Business

Claudia Mora, Dean, Jackson School of Geosciences

Samuel M. Poloyac, Dean, College of Pharmacy

Ramón Rivera-Servera, Dean, College of Fine Arts

Ann Stevens, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

David Vanden Bout, Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Sharon Wood, Executive Vice-President and Provost

Heather Woofter, Dean, School of Architecture