Postdoctoral (Postdoc) Handbook

The Postdoc Handbook provides information on career resources, employment opportunities, peer interaction and more.

Appointment Procedures

Research Titles

Policy for assigning appropriate research titles (including Postdoctoral titles) to individuals whose primary activities are to conduct research at, or on behalf of, the University can be found on the Policies page of the Office of the VP for Research, under University/Research Titles. Offer letter templates can be found here as well.

Handbook of Operating Procedures

The Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) contains official guides to policies and procedures at the University.

New Employee Checklist

New Employee Checklist is an easy step by step checklist to assist you with completing all the required on-boarding items within your first month on the job.

Non-Employee Benefits


An identification card (ID) can be obtained, with prior approval from your host department, by visiting the ID Center, located on the first floor of the Flawn Academic Center, FAC 102.

Building Access and Office Space

Room keys (or proximity card) can be obtained with prior approval from your host department by visiting Lock & Key Services.


If you wish to park an automobile or motorcycle on the campus, you must obtain a parking permit. This can be arranged at the discretion of your host department, in a request on letterhead addressed to Parking and Transportation Services. This letter will entitle you to an “A” parking permit.

Recreational Sports

Research Affiliates are eligible to use the gym or any other recreation facilities. There is a charge for membership, which must be paid in advance. Membership is at the faculty/staff level. Visit the Division of Recreational Sport for more information.


As a Research Affiliate you are entitled to the same discounts on campus events as every other member of the UT faculty.


Insurance benefits are available for eligible fellowship holders.

To qualify for insurance as a Research Affiliate – Postdoctoral (A010), you must be serving a postdoctoral fellowship with the sponsorship of a UT Austin faculty member. Your eligibility will continue as long as you are serving the fellowship and maintain sponsorship of a faculty member.

All research affiliate postdocs are eligible to enroll in the UT Student Health Insurance Plan:

Insurance requirements for J-1 Scholars

Additional parental leave funding opportunities for postdocs

Visit Handbook of Operating Procedures for further information on Research Affiliates.

Employee Services

View available employee services on Human Resources website.

Housing and Transportation

Visit Texas Global for housing information.

Visit Parking and Transportation to learn about Free Rides on LYFT.

Personal Finances

Career Development and Job Opportunities

Career Development Resources
Preparing for an Interview

UT alumni qualify for career services provided by the RecruitUT office.

Professional Development

Teaching & Learning

  • Center for Teaching and Learning
  • University Libraries: The University Libraries are a vital source of information in all formats and in all subjects.  The Libraries also provide expert consultation, instruction, and document delivery services for researchers.

Conducting Research


Open Access Publishing

Peer Interaction

Links to organized postdoctoral groups and programs at The University of Texas at Austin. If you have established a postdoctoral fellows organization or your department has a postdoctoral program, we can add your contact information and Web site. Submit requests by e-mail to the Graduate School.

  • National Postdoctoral Association
    • The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is a member-driven organization that provides a unique, national voice for postdoctoral scholars. UT Austin is a sustaining member. For assistance logging into your free account, Email Us.
  • Postdoctoral Association Toolkit
  • UT Postdoctoral Association: [in progress]
  • CNS Postdoctoral Association
  • Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences: Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
  • UT List
    • Postdoctoral fellows can sign on to the mailing list to share information between each other and find announcements from the Graduate School. Join the postdocs mailing list – a forum for postdocs to share their ideas, experiences, and questions with each other.
    • To subscribe, follow the instructions at UT Lists. Subscribe to: If you have any questions about the postdocs listserv, send e-mail to Danielle Geraci Thoma in the Graduate School.
  • Peer-to-Peer interaction: to participate, join the Future PI Slack group and follow the twitter handle. There are over 160 postdocs subscribed nation-wide. You can participate in discussions and meet other postdocs who share the joys, trials and tribulations of postdoc life. You’ll find a wealth of resources, advice, faculty job ads, writing tips, and more. To find out more about the Future PI Slack group, check out the founder’s blog.

Office of the Ombuds

The staff ombuds can assist postdoctoral fellows with any work-related difficulty, including interpersonal conflict or misunderstandings, as well as academic or administrative concerns.

Health and Wellness

HealthPoint Wellness: The HealthPoint Wellness Program is part of Human Resources. The overall goal of the HealthPoint Work-life Balance and Wellness Program is to improve the health and well-being of faculty and staff.

Employee Assistance Program: Provides behavioral health expertise, promotes wellness, and develops solutions to life's challenges, through brief counseling and consultation services, crisis intervention, assessment and referral, educational and training programs, and supervisory consultation.

UT RecSports: The Division of Recreational Sports has served the campus community since 1916, making it one of the oldest and largest collegiate recreational programs in the country. To become a member, visit the Membership options page.

University Health Services through Service Extension Fee: Post-docs and visiting scholars who are not officially registered for classes at UT Austin can pay the Service Extension fee. Specific documentation from the program with which they are affiliated is required. The UHS Service Extension fee allows qualified individuals, like post-docs, to get access to the same UHS care a services that current students enjoy by paying this Service Extension Fee. This fee is an access fee, not an insurance plan.