Health & Wellness

The University of Texas at Austin offers many resources to keep you at your peak mentally and physically.

University Health Services

An outpatient health care facility, University Health Services (UHS) provides medical care and health promotion services to the campus community. Clinical services include general medical care as well as women’s health, sports medicine, and immunization and allergy shot specialty clinics.

Urgent Care Clinic

The UHS Urgent Care Clinic is similar in scope to a minor emergency center and provides services for students whose symptoms need to be evaluated before the next available UHS appointment.

Nurse Advice Line

Students may call the UHS Nurse Advice Line for recommendations on caring for an illness or injury at home or guidance about whether and when to see a health care provider.

Student Health Insurance

Students may purchase student health insurance through an optional, affordable plan approved by the University of Texas System and designed specifically for UT Austin students.

Forty Acres Pharmacy

The Forty Acres Pharmacy is affiliated with the College of Pharmacy and serves the campus community as a source for prescription and non-prescription medications.

Recreational Sports

The Division of Recreational Sports offers services, facilities and exercise and recreational programs to all UT Austin students, faculty and staff.