Fund for Academic Enrichment

The Fund for Academic Enrichment enhances the graduate educational experience by funding lectures that are a part of workshops, graduate courses, seminars, exhibitions and academic conferences hosted by The University of Texas at Austin.

Graduate students, registered graduate student organizations, and faculty are eligible to apply for funding.

Designated Funds for Faculty

In addition to funds available to all members of the graduate community, some funds have been designated for UT Austin faculty to travel to or from Great Britain for academic purposes. These funds can also be used to host a scholar affiliated with an academic institution in Great Britain.
Funds to travel to, or bring a visiting scholar from, Great Britain are more limited than in past years. Preference will be given to faculty who have not received an award in the past.
Funds have also been designated to foster an exchange of faculty and business leaders between the University and Monterrey, Mexico for the purpose of research and lectures.

Scope of Use

Funds are primarily awarded to cover travel, accommodations and honoraria for guest speakers. Funds will not be awarded for receptions, group meals, equipment, room rentals, or services such as parking and printing. Funds are not available for student or faculty conference travel.

This is not a cash award and expenditures must follow standard University procedures and policies. Non-expended funds will revert back to the Graduate School and cannot be used toward programs or expenditures not approved in the award notification letter.

Application Process

All application materials were due by May 31, 2018, to receive full consideration. Preference is given to programs and activities that have additional sources of funding, or matching funds-  rarely does the AEF fund a program at 100% of the cost.

Materials should include:

  • Contact information
  • A brief description of the academic program or activity
  • Estimated cost with a detailed budget including all other sources of funding
  • A brief statement describing how this activity or program will benefit graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin

Please combine all materials into one document and use the file naming convention 18_[RequesterLastName]_AEF for your file.