Faculty Travel Grants and Virtual Conference Faculty Registration Grants

Faculty Travel Grants (FTG)

Beginning academic year 2021-2022, eligible faculty may receive as much as $1400 per academic year for travel expenses to present original papers at scholarly and professional meetings.

This includes reimbursement for allowable travel-related expenses for the conference—lodging, meals, transportation and registration, all of which are non-taxable reimbursements.  It may also be a taxable reimbursement to cover unusual extra child-care expenses incurred because of the travel.  Funds may be used for foreign or domestic travel.

An approved (not just submitted) Faculty Travel Grant Application must be on file prior to the trip to receive funding. It is recommended that you submit your FTG application once your travel plans are set, but at a minimum please allow two weeks prior to travel for processing and approval.

Virtual Conference Faculty Registration Grants (VCFRG)

The VCFRG program is a new option within the overall Faculty Travel Grant (FTG) program. The VCFRG will provide reimbursement for basic conference registration fees for virtual conference presentations where a registration fee is being charged.  The purpose and eligibility requirements for a VCFRG are the same as for a FTG. The maximum award total for FTG plus VCFRG has increased, as of Fall 2021, to $1400 per academic year toward qualified expenses.  An approved (not just submitted) VCFRG application must be on file prior to the conference to receive funding.  Applications are due to the Graduate School two weeks prior to the conference to allow for processing and approval.


The purpose of the travel grant or virtual conference registration grant is to support presentation of the applicant’s original research or creative effort at a recognized organized conference or professional meeting. The presentation will usually be in the form of an oral or poster presentation, but can vary with field, merely attending a meeting does not qualify.  Nor does the FTG program support accepting an invitation to present a seminar, taking part in a lecture series or giving a colloquium at another university or similar venue that is not a conference.


All tenured and tenure-track faculty members and emeritus faculty members are eligible. Additionally, certain mid- and senior-level non-tenure-track faculty members with five years of service are eligible *. (See complete list of eligible titles below.) Visiting, adjunct and research faculty members, specialists, lecturers, classified personnel and other non-teaching staff are ineligible.

Examples of Allowable Expenses for Faculty Travel Grants (FTG)

Note that reimbursements are on a local account. Please refer to your travel officer for specific questions.

  • Registration fee*
  • Airfare — economy airfare to/from the conference
  • Taxis — to/from airport, hotel, conference site
  • Lodging & Meals — lodging is reimbursed at the single occupancy rate  
    • Within Texas, total limit of $260/day ($51/day for meals
    • Outside Texas (continental United States), total limit of $375/day ($51/day meals)

Note that membership fees cannot be reimbursed by this account.

Extra Childcare Expenses

Faculty may claim extra childcare expenses incurred because of the travel, subject to the $1,400 total limit.  The faculty member must sign a document affirming the added expenses due to travel, above and beyond normal childcare expenses.  These expenses will be paid as a taxable reimbursement.

To claim reimbursement, complete the Confirmation of Extraordinary Childcare Expense form.

Additional Travel Information

The FTG program no longer permits airline tickets to be directly billed to the Faculty Travel Grant account. All payments are handled as reimbursements of allowable travel expenses.

Travel Management Services offers additional information about the business travel planning process.

If you are traveling outside the United States, additional approvals may be required. Check the Texas Global Restricted Regions List, continually updated to reflect travel conditions to foreign countries, including special requirements for entering certain countries.  Also note that international reservations made through sources other than Concur will need to be entered into the ISOS database manually by the traveler prior to departure.

*The following mid- and senior-level non-tenure-track faculty members with five years of service at UT Austin qualify to apply to the program: Senior lecturer, associate professor of instruction, associate professor of practice, clinical associate professor, distinguished senior lecturer, professor of instruction, professor of practice and clinical professor.