Friday Sept. 28, 2018
Science Communication: A Keynote Lecture with Sandra Tsing Loh
3 to 4 p.m.
SAC 1.402

SANDRA TSING LOH hosts the NPR podcast/syndicated daily radio science minuteThe Loh Down on Science. Loh earned her BS in Physics at Caltech, where she was honored with a DistinguishedAlumna Award, the institution’s highest honor, in 2001. She is a contributing editor to The Atlantic Monthly and has been a regular contributor to NPR’sMorning Edition, APM’sMarketplace, and Ira Glass’This American Life. She is the author of six books; her most recent memoir, The Madwoman in the Volvo (W.W. Norton), was named one of the 2014 New York Times 100 Most Notable Books. She has performed two solo shows of Broadway, as well as in the nation’s leading regional theatres (Berkeley Rep, Seattle Rep, the Kennedy Center, Actor’s Theatre in Louisville). She is an adjunct associate professor at UC Irvine in drama and science communication.