The Graduate School is pleased to offer iThenticate, a plagiarism detection software designed to not only ensure manuscripts are properly cited, but to also help manage workflow as documents are being reviewed and revised by supervisors and co-authors.

iThenticate by Turnitin is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to check and re-check your manuscripts to feel confident that your submission(s) will not be at risk of rejection or damage to your reputation. We developed iThenticate to support the workflow and needs required by PhD/grad students, faculty, and researchers who are in a high-stakes writing and publishing scenario, where any hint or risk of plagiarism or academic misconduct needs to be found and remedied in order to protect the author and institution's reputation. iThenticate will help you publish with confidence!

  • Faculty & Researchers:  iThenticate makes it easy to collaborate with co-authors and submit a pristine final manuscript. 

  • Graduate and PhD Students: Manage the complicated and high-stakes process of writing a thesis or dissertation. Manage citations, multiple revisions, and reviews by advisors with easy-to-use workflows. 

iThenticate Login Steps - For Faculty & Graduate Students

  1. Use the following website to login:

  2. Select “University of Texas at Austin” in the dropdown menu and click NEXT.
    (Note: It is recommended that you select the “Remember My Selection Permanently” option so that you will always have UT Austin chosen.)
  3. Enter your UT EID and password. Click "Login."


  4. Agree to the Turnitin (iThenticate) End-User-License Agreement. Click "Submit."
  5. You should now be logged into iThenticate.