After Your Decision

Graduate applicants to The University of Texas at Austin may be admitted, admitted with conditions, or denied admission.

Admitted Students

Prior to enrollment, admitted students must:

Submit Official Transcripts

Please review the Transcript Submission FAQ.

Meet Immunization Requirements

Plan for Registration

Stay in Contact

  • Keep in touch with your program. Your graduate coordinator can help you resolve any departmental matters.

Additional Steps for International Students

In addition to completing other steps required of admitted students, international students should contact the International Office, which provides assistance for incoming and currently enrolled students from other countries.

Students Admitted with Conditions

A student with insufficient undergraduate preparation or whose grade-point average (GPA) is below the minimum required may be "admitted with conditions" upon the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee and with the consent of the dean.

Students admitted conditionally are informed of their status by the program and may be required to maintain a GPA or to take a certain number of hours of coursework. Those who do not fulfill the conditions within the specified time may be barred from subsequent registration.

Students Denied Admission

Students denied admission may reapply (for admission to the next available term). If you plan to apply again to the same program, speak with the graduate coordinator or another program contact first.