After Your Decision

Please see our FAQ page for additional information.

Graduate applicants to The University of Texas at Austin may be admitted, admitted with conditions, or denied admission.

Admitted Students

Prior to enrollment, admitted students must:

Submit Official Transcripts

Please review the Transcript Submission FAQ.

Meet Immunization Requirements

Plan for Registration

Stay in Contact

  • Keep in touch with your program. Your graduate coordinator can help you resolve any departmental matters.

Additional Steps for International Students

In addition to completing other steps required of admitted students, international students should contact the International Office, which provides assistance for incoming and currently enrolled students from other countries.

Students Admitted with Conditions

A student with insufficient undergraduate preparation or whose grade-point average (GPA) is below the minimum required may be "admitted with conditions" upon the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee and with the consent of the dean.

Students admitted conditionally are informed of their status by the program and may be required to maintain a GPA or to take a certain number of hours of coursework. Those who do not fulfill the conditions within the specified time may be barred from subsequent registration.

Fall Enrollment Appeals

UT Austin is committed to working with each student individually to assist with their enrollment. Students with special circumstances related to enrolling this fall, who wish to request a deferment to a future term, should submit an appeal. New international undergraduate students may submit an appeal to the Graduate and International Admissions Center. International undergraduate students submitting an appeal will receive an update on their appeal within two weeks of submission. New domestic undergraduate students may submit an appeal to the Office of Admissions. New graduate students should contact their department directly about options to defer.

Students Denied Admission

Admissions to graduate programs at UT Austin are overseen by the Admissions Committee within the individual programs. These committees are composed of experienced faculty members who are best-suited to determine the individuals who best meet program standards. Unfortunately, when there are more qualified applicants than can adequately be instructed by the faculty or accommodated in the facilities, the Admissions Committee for the proposed area may deny admission to many applicants. Admissions recommendations to the graduate dean are final; there is no appeal.

For more information about your application, you may contact the program to which you applied. Please note, however, that programs operate at a volume that does not always allow them to provide feedback on individual applications or admissions decisions.