Conditional Admissions Petitions

Petitions to request the removal of conditional admissions status that deal with required grade point average (GPA), language proficiency, and submission of an official test score can be made to Dr. Jim Cox, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

To remove admission conditions, please email Shannon Neuse and let her know. Since she will log and image your email for the student's file, please send an individual email for each student. If you have a letter from your graduate adviser regarding removing the conditions, please scan and include it as an attachment. In your email, indicate that the conditions have been met, including review by the graduate adviser and/or the Graduate Studies Committee. Since Ms. Neuse will review the student's record, you do not need to include specific information regarding conditions, grades, or test scores.

Conditions that Dean Cox does NOT resolve include submission of an official transcript and the submission of an official degree award; failure to provide these credentials will result in a registration bar placed upon the student in question by GIAC. These bars will be removed once the credentials have been received by GIAC. 

Petitions to waive conditions for the purpose of employment must be made to Dean Cox, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.  For assistance with these petitions, please contact Karen Sacratini.

Appropriate conditional admissions petitions can be submitted to Shannon Neuse.

  • Provide the NAME, UT EID, and MAJOR for the student.
  • Summarize the conditions that were placed on the student at the time of admission.
  • Summarize the steps taken to satisfy the conditions that were placed on the student at the time of admission.
  • A list of graduate-level courses the student took during the semester under consideration should be included.
  • Do NOT include the specific grades that the student earned during the semester under conditional status if the petition is sent via e-mail or FAX. 
  • One petition per student will expedite processing.