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Established in 1910, the Graduate School at The University of Texas at Austin oversees nearly 12,100 students enrolled in over 115 fields of study. This count includes approximately 2,000 students who are enrolled in non-formula-funded degree programs and stackable graduate certificates.

Nearly 900 doctoral degrees and more than 2,100 master’s degrees are awarded each year, making the University’s graduate programs among the largest in the United States. The university is among the top producers of doctoral degrees in the United States (National Science Foundation Survey of Earned Doctorates, 2013) and is one of three southwestern members of the Association of American Universities.


As an active community of diverse scholars in academic programs dedicated to excellence in original research, teaching, creative expression and intellectual leadership, we cultivate individuals who work together to bring knowledge, innovation and best practices to meet the great and small challenges of our time.

Faculty & Staff Support

During your graduate studies, you will spend the majority of your time in your home department, where the faculty, resources and services integral to your academic program reside. These resources include admission and graduate coordinators (staff members who may be your most important contacts and administrative liaisons) and graduate advisors (faculty who have been appointed by the department or program to advise current students on issues related to degree programs). In addition, each program offering a graduate degree has a Graduate Studies Committee (GSC). The GSC reviews students for admission to the program, sets program-specific requirements for their graduate degrees, and approves students for admission to candidacy for degrees.

While your department will provide much of what you need while a student here, the Graduate School also plays an important role in your time at the university. In addition to granting your degree at convocation and administering the rules and regulations of the university governing compliance and degree completion, the Graduate School provides academic services, administers fellowships, and works to promote graduate education at the university and beyond. Our staff includes the Dean of Graduate Studies, dean’s executive staff (associate and assistant deans), dean’s administrative staff, and student services administrative staff.

We look forward to offering our support to enhance your graduate experience and to help you successfully complete your program.

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Why go to UT Austin

Why go to UT Austin?

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