Tuition Reduction Benefit

Students employed as teaching assistants (TAs), assistant instructors (AIs), and graduate research assistants (GRAs) are eligible for a tax-exempt Tuition Reduction Benefit related to their student academic employment.

The assistance amount varies based on the number of hours of the appointment and the availability of funding, and the benefit is not always available to GRAs. Check with your department for more information.

Rates for 2015-16

During the 2015-16 academic year, the rates for TAs and AIs employed during a long semester are as follows:

  • Appointed 20 hours or more: $3,784
  • Appointed 10-19 hours: $1,892
  • Appointed 1-9 hours: N/A

During a summer session, the rates are:

  • Appointed 20 hours or more: $1,415
  • Appointed 1-19 hours: N/A

The maximum paid per individual per summer is $1,415, regardless of session length or the number of sessions.

Receiving the Benefit

Registered students who receive a Tuition Reduction Benefit must pay the remainder of the tuition bill by the due date. If there is a zero balance, the student is still required to confirm his or her registration.

If a student has other amounts that will be applied to the tuition bill, they will be applied in this order:

  1. Exemptions
  2. Tuition Reduction Benefit
  3. Other assistance (scholarships, tuition remission, etc.)