The Graduate School at The University of Texas at Austin provides a number of fellowships and editorial assistantships in addition to coordinating many externally funded fellowships and awarding college and departmental fellowships based on nominations from departments.

It also serves as a resource center for students seeking information on wholly extramural fellowships.

Graduate School Fellowships

Graduate programs nominate students for a number of fellowships provided by the Graduate School.

Externally Funded Fellowships

From Rhodes Scholarships to National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, the Graduate School encourages students to compete for a number of externally funded fellowships, some of which are administered at least in part by the Graduate School.

Editorial Assistantships

Editorial assistantships are intended to provide partial support to graduate students who are doing substantial editorial work to assist a faculty member who is serving as editor of a journal.

College & Department Fellowships

In addition to the university fellowships administered by the Graduate School, many academic departments award fellowships to students in particular fields of study.