Digital Submission Requirement

Graduating students are required to publish their thesis, report, dissertation or treatise digitally by uploading a single PDF to the Texas Digital Library (TDL). Technical support is available.

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The TDL provides doctoral students with an option to request the supplemental submission of their dissertation to UMI. Students selecting this option must submit a ProQuest Submission Packet to the Graduate School degree evaluators along with their final paperwork submission. Students selecting ProQuest publishing or registration will be billed by the university for associated fees.


The Graduate School offers Microsoft Word templates to assist you in formatting your thesis or dissertation. Before using a template, review the Using the Thesis and Dissertation Templates user guide. Another option, approved by the Graduate School, is LaTex Document Preparation.

Theses, reports, dissertations and treatises must follow the guidelines of the Graduate School booklet Format Guidelines for Dissertations, Treatises, Theses and Reports. A format check is recommended before you submit your completed work. If format has not been checked prior to submission, it will be checked at the time of submission. 

Those who wish to write a thesis, report, dissertation or treatise in a language other than English must petition to do so.

Publication/Processing Fees

All doctoral students are charged an $8 dissertation processing fee. Students who select the optional ProQuest publication and copyright services will also be charged the associated ProQuest fees: $25 for traditional publication, and $55 for registration of copyright.

You will receive an email notification when a bill has been created; the bill may be paid online at What I Owe or in-person at the Cashier’s Office.

Requests to Delay Publication

A student may request permission from the Dean of Graduate Studies to delay making his or her thesis, report, dissertation or treatise available to the public via TDL for up to 2 years in order to protect patent or other rights. (Restrictions and/or holds on publishing requested from ProQuest do not apply to the dissertation archived at the TDL). This request must be supported by a written recommendation from the student’s supervisor and must be submitted and approved prior to graduation. If no petition is made to the dean, the document will be searchable on the web and available for free.