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Chemistry Ph.D. Student Wins 2023 Three Minute Thesis Competition

Nov. 21, 2022

On Nov. 11, 2022, Chemistry Ph.D. student Atreya Dey won first place in the final round of The Graduate School’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition at UT. Dey’s presentation “The Theory of a Hundred Thousand Grandmas” earned him a $1,000 prize and the opportunity to advance to the regional 3MT competition in March.

Making Friends with the Leviathan of Uncertainty

Oct. 7, 2022

A self-proclaimed ‘defector’ of academia, Stephanie Malak (Ph.D. '16) has spent the last six years learning to be comfortable in the face of uncertainty. After completing her Ph.D. in Latin American literature, she currently works as a senior research associate at Spark Admissions, a college admissions consulting firm. Upon graduation, Stephanie found the courage to venture into uncharted territory when a fateful fellowship helped open her mind to career possibilities beyond a professorship. 

Virus Discovery Offers Clues About Origins of Complex Life

June 27, 2022

The first discovery of viruses infecting a group of microbes that may include the ancestors of all complex life has been found, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin report in Nature Microbiology. The latest research, by Ian Rambo (a former doctoral student at UT Austin) and other members of Brett Baker’s lab, sheds light on how viruses, too, might have played a role in this billions-year-old history.

A Fellowship and Phone Call: Ph.D. Alumnus Journeys Beyond Tenure Track

June 20, 2022

Frank Goodyear had every intention of becoming a professor after receiving his Ph.D. in American studies from The University of Texas at Austin in 1998. That is until a well-timed fellowship opportunity and one-of-a-kind job offer directed him down a new career path.

Today, the knowledge Frank gained as a Ph.D. student continues to shape his career as he serves as co-director at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art—a position he shares with his wife Anne, whom he met over 20 years ago in a photography seminar at UT while she was pursuing her Ph.D. in Art History.

UT Austin Master’s Alumna Wins Pulitzer Prize in History

May 17, 2022

UT Austin History alumna Ada Ferrer (M.A., ’88) has been awarded the 2022 Pulitzer Prize in history for her book “Cuba: An American History,” a study of Cuba and its complex ties to the United States. Earlier this year, the book also won the Los Angeles Book Prize in History.

Graduate School Announces 2022 Award Winners

May 4, 2022

The Graduate School has announced the 2022 winners of its professional and student awards. The awards recognize excellence in graduate academics, teaching and professional services.

The winners represent a diverse community of students, scholars, teachers and administrators at the university. 

Grad Students Play Key Role in the Development of COVID-19 Vaccine

Feb. 11, 2022

As the world began to lock down in the early months of 2020 at the onset of COVID-19, researchers in the McLellan Lab at The University of Texas at Austin were furiously at work. 

Michener Fellow’s Novel Named Oprah Book Club Selection

Jan. 27, 2022

When Nathan Harris arrived at the Michener Center for Writers, he had already begun writing his now best-selling novel, “The Sweetness of Water.”

As a Michener Fellow, Harris spent his time in the program finishing and refining it with the encouragement and feedback from faculty members and fellow students. By the start of his third year, he had made the novel his dissertation and secured a book deal.

Looking and Listening in Machine Learning

Nov. 18, 2021

Seeing is not always believing—at least not for Ph.D. alumnus Ruohan Gao, whose research in machine learning uses senses beyond just sight to inform artificial intelligence.

Gao’s work investigates how algorithms locate and understand audio-emitting objects when multiple sound sources are present. While conventional approaches to object identification in unsupervised machine learning rely solely upon visual cues, Gao’s work leverages audio as a semantic signal to disentangle object sounds in unlabeled video.

Nutritional Sciences Ph.D. Student Wins Three Minute Thesis Competition

Nov. 16, 2021

On Nov. 12, 2021, Nutritional Science Ph.D. student Vasavi Shabrish won first place in the final round of The Graduate School’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition at UT. Shabrish’s presentation “Strategies to Improve Health Outcomes in Shift Work” earned her a $1,000 prize and the opportunity to advance to the regional 3MT competition in February.