Getting Started with ePortfolios
Tuesday Sept. 17, 2019
Getting Started with ePortfolios
9 to 10:30 a.m.

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What are ePortfolios? Electronic portfolios are collections of digital or digitized materials that can be used to document learning, development or professional growth.  The major benefit of creating ePortfolios is that they can incorporate several different kinds of materials that can be updated and disseminated easily.  There are any number of different ways for faculty, instructors, graduate students, and students to create and disseminate ePortfolios.  In this workshop, we will explore several platorms (including Canvas' ePortfolio tool).  In addition, we will discuss the different kinds of ePortfolios you can create:

• Personal portfolios: Designed for self-reflection, these kinds of portfolios can be used to journal experiences, organize materials from classes and activities.

• Learning portfolios: These can be used to showcase learning, provide a framework for assessing academic progress, and demonstrate how skills have developed over time.

• Professional and co-curricular portfolios: These can be used to help make career decisions, demonstrate that you have met program or certification requirements, present skills and accomplishments for employment, and review professional development for career advancement.