UDLHE DigiCon 2019: An Inaugural Event
Friday Oct. 18, 2019
UDLHE DigiCon 2019: An Inaugural Event
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Join the #UDLHE Digital Conference on October 18th from 8am-3pm!

The theory and practice of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in higher education is gaining international traction. The Higher Education Opportunity Act, 2008 defines UDL as a scientifically valid framework for guiding educational practice that: provides flexibility in the ways: information is presented, students are engaged, and students respond or demonstrate knowledge and skills and reduces barriers in instruction for the benefit of all learners. 

The Faculty Innovation Center is proud to sponsor an inaugural digital conference exploring UDL in Higher education. This structured online meeting space, available both synchronously and asynchronously, provides an opportunity for UDL-interested (and invested) faculty, staff, and graduate students from around the world to convene and learn together without the burden of geographic and cost-based barriers (registration is only $20!). It will offer an opportunity to hear from people that we otherwise would not have access to, call for and facilitate presentations that advance the work of UDL in higher education and catalyzes individuals to bring their work and findings to other non-UDL focused conferences. For more information and to register now, please visit https://udl-irn.org/udlhe-digicon/