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  • How can I access health insurance this summer?
    There are two health insurance plans available to graduate students depending on whether they are academic employees. Graduate students employed as AIs, TAs and GRAs for 20 hours or more a week for at least 4.5 months are eligible to participate in the university's employee insurance plans. Please see Human Resource’s student employee insurance and benefits website for more information. All currently enrolled students are eligible for health insurance through the AcademicBlue health plan provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. Please visit the plan’s website for information on benefits, costs and enrollment periods.
  • What impact will COVID-19 have on the implementation plan for the Graduate Education Task Force?
    The COVID-19 crisis has introduced new challenges to developing the task force implementation plan. However, the Graduate School is still on track to address many of the recommendations, such as insurance, TRB, mentoring and TA/AI salaries. As the university transitions to online course delivery, the Graduate School is resuming discussions and will submit the plan to the provost soon.

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