Diversity and Inclusion

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The Graduate School is committed to enhancing diversity and equality in the graduate student experience at The University of Texas at Austin. We believe that a diverse and inclusive educational environment enriches the education of all students and enables us to leverage the rich perspectives, experiences and talents of the full spectrum of groups in our society. We welcome all groups and seek to be fully inclusive with respect to all forms of diversity—including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, geographic origin and others.

The Graduate School’s commitment is backed by motivated faculty members, dedicated administrative resources and a welcoming community of students, scholars, artists and researchers. We address issues of diversity, inclusion, and representation through ongoing dialog with students and faculty members, partnerships with minority serving institutions, recruitment of faculty and students, and financial support and fellowships for students from a diverse array of backgrounds.

UT Diversity Statement

As The University of Texas at Austin strives to meet its mission of unlocking potential and preparing future leaders of the state, it embraces diversity in many forms. The university is dedicated to attracting highly-qualified students, faculty and staff with a wide range of backgrounds, ideas and viewpoints. This includes those from all races and ethnicities; first-generation college students; women; and others who have been historically underrepresented on campus.

As a university with a past history of denying equitable access to qualified students, UT recognizes the profound benefits of creating an inclusive environment in which students can learn from one another. All students are better prepared to succeed in an increasingly diverse state and interconnected society when they receive the educational benefits of learning on a diverse campus.

The Graduate School By The Numbers

Data provided by the Graduate School. Does not include the Law School or Dell Medical School 

Data provided by the Graduate School. Does not include the Law School or Dell Medical School 

*This data, provided by IRRIS, includes the Law School and Dell Medical School

Campus Diversity Resources


Diversity fellowships help recruit a diverse graduate student body at The University of Texas at Austin. Consistent with the criteria set forth in the Graduate School’s admission policy, selection for these fellowships will be based on a holistic review of the student’s application file.

Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement is a national model for integrating diversity and community engagement into the core mission of a university. It works with a broad range of student, faculty, staff, and community constituents to help The University of Texas at Austin connect its intellectual resources to communities across Texas and offer education to those who may face the greatest challenges in accessing it. The Division focuses on four core pillars: campus culture, community engagement, education pipeline, and research.

Council for Racial and Ethnic Equity and Diversity (CREED)

CREED began work in the fall of 2015 to fulfill its mission to advise the provost on best practices in recruiting, retaining, and advancing faculty members who are racially, ethnically, gender, or in other ways diverse. CREED also works in collaboration with colleges and departments to develop initiatives and programs to improve the campus climate for diverse faculty.

Multicultural Engagement Center

For 25 years, the Multicultural Engagement Center has developed student leaders and offered a home away from home for students of color.

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

SSD ensures students with disabilities have equal access to their academic experiences at the University of Texas at Austin by determining eligibility and approving reasonable accommodations. We also engage in outreach across campus in order to make campus a more inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment for people with disabilities.

Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC)

The mission of the Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) is to provide opportunities for all members of the UT Austin community to explore, organize, and promote learning around issues of gender and sexuality. The center also facilitates a greater responsiveness to the needs of women and the LGBTQIA+ communities through education, outreach, and advocacy.