Plus-Minus Grading System

Graduate faculty at The University of Texas at Austin may elect to use the plus-minus grading system. 

Plus-minus grades are recorded only for graduate courses taken by graduate students. Decimal equivalents are assigned as follows:

  • A 4.00
  • A- 3.67
  • B+ 3.33
  • B 3.00
  • B- 2.67
  • C+ 2.33
  • C 2.00
  • C- 1.67
  • D+ 1.33       
  • D 1.00
  • D- 0.67       
  • F 0.00

The grade-point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the number of hours taken by the number of grade points received. For example, a student who earns an A in ARH 396L and a B in ECO 382L earns 12 grade points for the A and 9 grade points for the B. Adding those points together and dividing by the total number of semester hours (21 points divided by six hours) results in a GPA of 3.5.